2. JOOPソフトウェアDELUXE x Universal Lingo “Eternal Fragrances” teaser



    Joop presents us with a new cut from the upcoming split “Eternal Fragrances” with Universal Lingo.

    A release date is TBD, but these 30 seconds are pretty hype.


    It seems like our friends over at Memory 36 have given us a leak that’s slightly longer.

    Also, we got our hands on some tracks by Universal Lingo. This project carries the same kind of vaporwave aesthetics but also makes its lo-fi vocals as much of a star as the beats behind it.




  5. driftsfm:


    This week on the show, I delve back into the past - kind of an impromptu Drifts Rewind. I cherry picked some of the best tracks from Show 6, waaay back from the fall of 2010 (and that show, along with a whole bunch of others, will finally be available in podcast form sometime this Summer…

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  6. us together

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  8. dangerave:

    luxury elite / saint pepsi - late night delight

    vous vous rappelez des dessous de palm beach? ça passait sur tf1 le dimanche après midi après walker texas ranger. c’est le premier truc auquel j’ai pensé en écoutant cet album. un split donc entre des attardés des années 90, et le tout sans trop verser dans la puttasserie qui chill. c’est beau, c’est honnête et ça sort sur cassette demain. à chopper sur le bandcamp d’Illuminated Paths.

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  9. SAINT PEPSI - Revue

  10. luxury-elite:


    If you would like to support FAVRSTM and PSTN’s cassette label. Now is the time. :)


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  11. flashlighttagmusic:


    I See It All - Dreaming Of A Better Reality

    my mind is high, my body is warm, and we are climbing to the top of the mountain. 

    /  /  /  /  /

    we’ve been climbing for days and days.

    we keep going. our eyes looking forward to the blazing yellow light. 

    /  /  /  /  /  /  /   /  /  / 

    my body is glowing. 

    i can see it all…

    Exploration of What? 

    Download Here

  12. Listen to Ten Thousand Thunders by Body Cheetah.


  13. Sirkri - The Haven

  15. woundsalt:

    this is my favorite part in any video ever lol i don’t even know what he’s doing

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